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What is Priligy?
Priligy is a type of medication used for treating premature ejaculation conditions. This is not so much of a health condition, but more of an involuntary response to sexual stimulation. When you are sexually stimulated, your goal is not to ejaculate early in the session. Men who have premature ejaculation can take Priligy in order to get more of a control over the sexual response. This medication is sometimes referred to as Dapoxetine.

When Should I Avoid Priligy?
You should not use Priligy if you have any allergic reactions to the active ingredients found in the medication. To know whether you have any form of allergic reaction, you should follow through with your doctor and complete a medical test. You should avoid using Priligy when you are using alcohol drinks, as it could pose a serious health affect. Additionally, you should not use Priligy if you are using other medications with serotonergic effects. Before using Priligy, you should honestly consider the benefits of consulting with a medical professional.

Can Priligy Be Used With Erectile Dysfunction Medications?
According to Priligy research and studies, it has been tested that it is safe to use Priligy with erectile dysfunction medications. However, prior to using Priligy, you should be aware of the various side effects that may occur. When you’re aware of the side effects, you will know a little bit about how these medications affect your body.

What are the Side Effects of Priligy?
It is always beneficial to know the different side effects that are possible from the use of Priligy. If you are going to be using Priligy, be sure to take note to the following side effects: headache, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, low energy and vomiting. Depending on the dose of Priligy you take, the side effects can vary, so it is important to stay vigilant while using new medications that treat premature ejaculation.

What Should I Know About Priligy?
Priligy should only be used by people who have no allergic reactions to any of its ingredients, including dapoxetine. The medication is meant to be taken once a day and not more. If you happen to overdose yourself, you should call the nearest hospital as soon as you can. People who are under the age of eighteen and those over the age of sixty-four should not be using Priligy. In any case, it is always best to speak to your family doctor.

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