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What are the advantages if you decide to buy drugs online?

Many things have changed when the Internet has entered our lives. We no longer send letters, but use emails; we are no longer restricted to just hearing the voices of our friends when we call them, since we can make a video call through Skype or Viber. Another thing that has drastically changed is the way we shop. Not only is it now possible to buy fashionable clothes over the Internet, it is also possible to buy drugs online. Not only does this allow people to purchase almost all the necessary medications without leaving the comfort of their homes, it can also make a huge difference for your budget.

Buying drugs online is not a commodity, but a necessity!
You see, when you go to the doctor, he's not going to prescribe you a generic medication. Online purchase becomes the only way of acquiring affordable drugs in countries that do not allow people to simply go to the pharmacy and purchase what they wish. Some people may think that brand medications work better since they cost nearly ten times as much as generic medications. Fortunately, this is completely false. The reason why brand medications cost so much is because the company that developed the drug has spent millions and sometimes billions of dollars to do so. As you might imagine, after such an investment, the company would want to finally make some profit, and they do so in collaboration with doctors who prescribe only brand medications.

Safety of buying drugs online
Some people may wonder "Is it safe to buy drugs online?". Their fears, however, are completely unsubstantiated. All the online pharmacies that sell brand and generic medications have to meet very strict safety standards. Moreover, all the data that you send to them while making your purchase gets securely encrypted to prevent anyone from accessing your private information. Thus, after you've made your purchase, you can rest assured that all is well and that soon will receive all your necessary meds not just for half the price, but for "tenth the price".

Other advantages of online pharmacies
Affordability and convenience are not the only advantages of online pharmacies. International orders are also an option. Thus, no matter where you are, you can make a purchase and get your meds in the mail.

Finally, some people are just plain embarrassed about purchasing certain drugs. You wouldn"t find a single man that would freely admit that he has an erectile dysfunction, which is why it is so awkward for men to go to the pharmacy and personally get their "little blue pill". Online pharmacies, on the other hand, are completely confidential, allowing people to make purchases without anyone ever finding out.

Generic versus Brand name medications

Many people wonder: "What is the difference between generic and brand name medications?" The answer is much simpler than you might expect. Their price! Yes, this is the only difference. However, upon hearing such a statement another question might arise: "How can a generic medication be ten times cheaper than the brand medication and be completely identical to it?" The answer to this question we will discuss below.

What makes generic medications so cheap?
The affordability of generic medications can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost, manufacturers of generic medications didn't need to spend a cent on developing and marketing the new drug. People don't realize just how long and how expensive it is to develop a new drug.

The process of developing a new drug can be divided into two parts:

1. Pre-clinical studies

  • The first part begins with the search for the active substance, and after it is found - application for patent.
  • Then the effects and side effects of this active substance are studied on various kinds of animals. Though many nature-loving people are against animal testing, this step is necessary to prevent human deaths or life-crippling side effects when clinical trials will begin.
  • The final phase of pre-clinical studies is the authorization process of the new substance.
These steps last from about 2 to 4 years and cost tens of millions of dollars.

2. Clinical trials
After a new substance was created, it is now time to test it on humans. The initial testing is divided into three phases to minimize the number of people affected by serious side effects:

  • Phase I — study of effects of the new drug on human subjects. Only 20-50 people are usually used for this phase. In the event that the drug will have serious, life-threatening side effects, the clinical trials will be discontinued.
  • Phase II — limited study. 50-100 patients are used.
  • Phase III — comparative studies. 500-5000 patients are participating.
These three steps last 3 to 5 more years and cost on average one hundred million dollars.

If the drug passes Phase III of clinical trials, it is then goes through registration process and is introduced into the market. After that Phase IV (continuation of comparative studies) of clinical trials will begin. This final step lasts for another 2 to 3 years and costs about fifty million dollars.

As you can see, the process of developing a new drug is long, arduous, and very costly, and we didn't even mention the huge costs of marketing a new drug. Thus, it is unsurprising why the initial cost of brand medications is so high and why generic drugs are so affordable.