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Generic Drugs At Online Stores Versus Generics At Offline Stores

Cheap drugs are good, free drugs are better; wait a minute, this is only a piece of joke about generic drugs. If you noticed, there is an element of sarcasm in the joke that is hard to miss by any chance. Well, it is not the purpose of this article. But the truth still remains stable that, generics and cheap drugs are getting cheaper and cheaper day by day if they are sold by online drug stores as opposed to offline drug stores. And this is what I am going to concentrate on throughout this article.

First of all, it is mandatory for generic drugs to be examined and proven in no different way than branded drugs so as to establish their congruence in every respect including side effects, safety & risks with their brand name counterparts. These tests are done under statutory surveillance in scientifically established testing sequences in progressive stages, first at laboratories and later, before approval, at clinics for extended periods.

True, this is a time consuming process ridden with failure potentials but you must notice that there are simply no elements of research and the extra time required for research both of which slash the cost of developing generic drugs by more than 60-70%. Probably this is one of the major reasons why generics are referred to as cheap drugs but this is not all.

Patent protected brand name drugs have exclusive and monopolistic price regime for 20 years, which is a longer than anyone can imagine the ordinary patients to be able to afford on a sustained basis, although insurance and social security support systems make feeble salvage attempts. Cheap drugs are a multi billion dollar business in India and countries of similar socio-economic standing. Drugs manufactured here are cheap in real terms and they are open to be sold over online pharmacies.

But why is Generic Drugs Cheaper at Online Stores than they are at Offline Stores?
Now, let’s see how generic drugs become further cheaper if they are sold by online pharmacies as opposed to offline stores. Generic drugs (for exinple Sildenafil Citrate) are available for purchase online round the clock apparently because all things excluding dispensing are automatic while the dispensing itself is done at a far off place, in most cases by manufacturers or stockists located in countries of generics manufacturers which removes inventory purchasing and holding investments for online drug stores. When you order drugs online, your order is processed and the shipment is sent from the cheapest producer in the store’s network.

This is actually a blessing in disguise for both online stores and cheap drugs manufacturers at the cost of offline pharmacies. Offline drug stores fatally lack the advantage online drug stores are enjoying owing to their unimaginable differences in business paradigms.

Talking of their business paradigms, these offline drug stores are further disadvantaged by the tax regimes of their respective countries that ironically take away all the benefits the social security and the medical insurance would have otherwise given.

My policy is simple, if generic drugs can save a situation equally well, why not to save a few hundred dollars by ordering from online pharmacies.