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Finpecia (Propecia) 1mg

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This medication is very effective for the therapy of male pattern baldness. To fight this condition the medicine has to be used in very small doses like this one, and it works only as long as it's being taken.

  • Starts at $1.43 per pill
  • Up to 20 Bonus pills
  • Air Mail, EMS and Free Shipping
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Product Information

What is it Finpecia?
Finpecia is a drug produced by Indian pharmaceutical company CIPLA and it is usually prescribed for the male pattern hair loss treatment. Actually, being the generic version of such branded drugs as Proscar and Propecia, Finpecia has proven its effectiveness in hair loss treatment.

What is the mechanism of action of Finpecia?
Testosterone is the most powerful hormone of all androgen hormones; it affects hair follicles, oil glands and prostate gland. Inside the cells testosterone turns into dihydrotestosterone (DHT, the biologically active form of testosterine) with the help of type II 5-alpha reductase. DHT binds to androgen receptors tissues much more strongly than the parent hormone (testosterone) and thus the high level of this DHT hormone is considered to be the primary factor which contributes in male baldness. The active component of Finpecia is a chemical substance called Finasteride. It is a synthetic antiandrogen (a substance that weakens the action of male hormones) which inhibits type II 5-alpha reductase, thus it reduces the level of DHT in hair follicles and helps reduce the amount of hairs that are coming out or even to grow new ones.

What is Finpecia method of application?
Finpecia should be taken orally once per day before or after meal on a regular basis. It is advisable that this drug is taken at approximately the same period of time each day. In case you have missed the drug intake DO NOT take any extra pill, simply take the next pill as per your schedule. DO NOT try to recompense the missed intake by dosage increase – Finpecia will not work better or faster if you take more than 1 pill a day, but in this case side effects and negative results are more possible. Finpecia works until you take it, once you have stopped taking it, the effect will disappear.

Are there any contraindications when using this drug?
First of all please see your doctor prior to taking Finpecia. This drug SHOULD NOT be used by women, as it helps only men. If you are allergic to its component you should stop taking it. What is also important is that a pregnant woman must not contact with this drug, as it can be absorbed by the fetus and can cause some sex organs abnormalities of a male baby.

Tell me about side effects that Finpecia may cause.
Some side effects are possible but not common. Finpecia may cause the loss of sexual desire, some difficulties in achieving erection, and the reduction in the amount of seminal fluid.

Where can I get Finpecia?
You can buy Finpecia either in your local pharmacy (providing that this drug is in its stock) or in any online store which offers drugs belonging to Men’s Health category. And as a rule it is more beneficial to buy Finpecia online as it will help you save some of your money.
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