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Pravachol is a lipid-lowering medication, referred to the group of drugs, called the statins. Pravachol has a very peculiar mechanism of lipid-lowering action, which can be divided in two stages. At first, it causes a moderate decrease in intracellular pools of cholesterol. This decrease leads to the increase in the rate of catabolism or in other words decomposition, accomplished through the receptors, and excretion of cholesterol found in the bloodstream.

After that, Pravachol suppresses the formation of LDL by decreasing the synthesis of VLDL in the liver, precursors of LDL. Studies held invitro have shown that Pravachol has tissue selectivity, which helps it to apply its inhibitory effect exactly in those tissues where cholesterol synthesis is carried out with maximum speed, such as in the liver, as well as in the ileum.

Pravachol is as well used to reduce the elevated concentrations of general amount of cholesterol in patients with primary hypercholesterolemia, who remained irresponsible diet and other nonpharmacological treatments. Clinical trials have also proved that Pravachol reduces cholesterol in patients with hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia if high cholesterol in the blood is the primary disease.

In case you’ve decided that Pravachol is what you need, you will certainly ask yourself where it is better to get Pravachol. Here you have three options – you can order Pravachol online, buy Pravachol in your local pharmacy or get Pravachol in the regional drug store. The best way of these three is to purchase cheap Pravachol online, because in this case you will be able to buy Pravachol at a good price, besides if you order Pravachol online – you will receive fresh medication directly from the manufacturer.

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Before you buy Pravachol, it is worth to browse a couple of medical resources, where you can find notes on this medication, from people who already used it. They will be able not only to recommend you the appropriate dosage, but to advise where to purchase cheap Pravachol online. No matter where you decide to get Pravachol, make sure that the medication you receive it fresh, as it is vital for the improvement of your condition.

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