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What is Generic Propecia?
Generic Propecia (finasteride) is one of the most efficient treatments for men's androgenic alopecia (pattern baldness). Hair loss is caused by increasing amounts of chemical called DHT that appears from the conversion process of testosterone. The drug reduces DHT's amounts and protects hair follicles from shrinkage, reverses shedding and helps new hair to grow back. It does not affect any other body parts except head.

When is Generic Propecia prescribed?
Generic Propecia is designed only for men’s use. It's not allowed the drug to be taken by children or women. It's also forbidden for women and children to handle crushed tablets. It's not a cure, but a permanent treatment for a definite use, namely for hair loss. The drug may also be used prophylactically to increase hair growth and avoid excess hair shedding. Using the remedy for other purposes is not recommended without a consultation with a doctor or pharmacist.

How to administrate Generic Propecia?
Generic Propecia may be taken for up to 90 days (3 months) to have a visible effect of hair growing on the bald areas. If started taking the remedy it should be continued for the rest of life. Stop in taking it causes loss of regrown hair at any point. And this time its regeneration will be impossible even if restarting drug's administration. The regular dose is one tablet per day, taken with water before/after a meal every day at the same time. Finasteride (its active component) will not work faster when increasing everyday dose. It's not recommended to take a double dose after a missed one.

What are Generic Propecia side effects?

Generic Propecia is a very safe drug that causes some side effects very seldom. The most known side effect is sexual dysfunction that disappears when a man stops taking it. It also has not been reported to have any interactions with other medical products and can be combined with some other drugs or methods of treatment. The medicine does not affect patient's wellbeing or everyday life in any way, so its use is a regularly routine activity. The drug is not addictive.
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