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What is Zithromax?
Zithromax is a form of macrolide antibiotic medication which is made from azithromycin. The medication is available in tablet form and is used for treating bacterial infections. Zithromax is formulated in a specific way to only treat infections that are caused by a bacterium, so you will get no response when you try to use it for infections caused by viruses. The macrolide properties of the medication make it quite effective in treating certain respiratory tract infections. The following are some of the conditions you can treat with the use of Zithromax.
• Respiratory Tract Infections - Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Scarlet Fever, Laryngitis, Pharyngitis, Sinusitis, Otitis Media and Tonsillitis
• Urinary Tract Infections - Chlamydia, Cervicitis, Urethritis
• Skin and Soft Tissue Infections and Lyme Disease

What is the Recommended Dosage for Zithromax?
The dosage of your prescription is calculated and prescribed by a medical professional, as you cannot make up these numbers on your own. The dosage of Zithromax will differ from one person to the next, so it is important that you are getting the right prescription from your family doctor. If you ever miss a dose, you should simply forget about and never choose to double up on doses. Zithromax is meant to be taken as prescribed so increasing or decreasing dosages is not safe for you. Before using Zithromax, you should think about the potential side effects that may arise in your case.

What are the Side Effects of Zithromax?
The side effects of Zithromax will vary for everyone, but could be either mild or severe. If you ever experience side effects from the use of Zithromax, you should get help from a medical clinic or local hospital. Some of the common side effects of Zithromax include the following:
• Irregular Heart Rate
• Chest Pain, Abdominal Pain, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Flatulency
• Headaches, Nephritis, Vaginitis, Renal Failure, Edema
• Vertigo, Insomnia, Anxiety, Nausea, Urticaria

What are the Contraindications of Zithromax?
Prior to using Zithromax, you should make sure that you are no allergic or hypersensitive to any of the ingredients it is made from. Some of the allergic contents you should check for are azithromycin, ketolide and erythromycin. Additionally, if you have a medical history that outlines possible health complications relating to cholestatic jaundice or hepatic dysfunction, you should refrain from using Zithromax. Breastfeeding woman should use Zithromax with caution, as your current medications could conflict with this antibiotic.
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